Bills Trinity River Fishing Report

Thank you for visiting Bills Trinity River Fishing Report for March 2016 on our Gold Coast Shuttle Service website.  Although the area has been blessed with numerous days of periodic rain showers over the last couple of months, the fishing in the river has definitely slowed down.  The reports are that the majority of the steelhead being landed are spawners returning to the ocean (“downrunners”).  The river up in the Lewiston area is colored up and almost looks like pea soup from sediment coming from Trinity Lake as it slo-o-o-owly rises from such a low level. The flows out of the dam at Lewiston have been about 325 cfs increasing as the river flows downstream and clearer waters enter from the tributaries.  Douglas City flows are around 550 cfs and charts currently are showing around 1100 cfs in the Pigeon Point area.  Perhaps the fishing slow down is a little earlier than normal but then it really has not been a “normal year” as far as fishing on the Trinity is concerned.  Perhaps a good time to get all fishing gear in shape for spring fishing!




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