About Gold Coast Shuttles

Providing Shuttles on the Trinity River Since 2004

About Gold Coast Shuttles: I remember a day when Caryl and I were completing our own shuttle and happened upon a fisherman walking along the edge of Highway 299. His waders were still on, fly rod in hand and a disgusted look on his face. He was obviously walking back to his vehicle after having to leave his boat on the river. To make a long story short, we picked him up and took him to his vehicle. He said he had paid a person to deliver his car and trailer to his planned take-out. They took the money but never shuttled his car!

It was getting dark so we followed him back to his boat and provided light from our headlights so he could load his boat. In the weeks to come we noticed other fisherman and guides talking about similar situations. Some rigs were even left along the highway not close to any take-outs!

At the time we didn’t know of any licensed shuttle service in the area. We decided we wanted to help the fishermen and guides with honest, dependable and trustworthy shuttle service creating a pleasurable experience for all. Having been a licensed guide we know where the vehicles need to be and when they need to be there.

It was easy for us to provide a shuttle service that has grown since 2004 to be the Trinity River’s most trusted shuttle service. With thousands of shuttles completed over the years, we are your very best choice.

Gold Coast Shuttles
Providing reliable vehicle shuttle service for boaters, kayak paddlers, rafters, anglers on the Trinity River, Ca.
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Weaverville, CA
Phone: 530-623-1905