How Does A River Shuttle Work?

We Sell More Than A Shuttle Service, We Sell Peace Of Mind

It’s easy! Gold Coast Shuttles is comprised of two people: Bill & Caryl Dickens. We will relocate your vehicle, typically down river of where you start your float trip on the Trinity River located in Northern California. We relocate your vehicle while you enjoy your time on the river, saving you 30 minutes, sometimes over an hour of travel time. Still asking “How Does A River Shuttle Work?” Read on..

We do this all the time! Practically every single day! On the Trinity River, there are anglers, rafters, kayak paddlers, tubers and river rats that float for a day or folks that venture out on multi-day float trips that camp on the river. Not to mention fishing guides who float the river helping anglers find fish like salmon and steelhead. So, if you think about it, the car you drove to the river, the car that transported the raft, boat, kayak needs to be waiting for you downstream at the end of the river journey. We call that spot where your car will be waiting at the end of the journey the “take-out”. The spot where you start your float is the “put-in”. So, how does the car get to the take-out? Well, there’s two common ways to do it. One is to drive it downriver yourself. But if you don’t have another vehicle to drive you back to the put-in, it’s a very long walk or bike ride back to the put-in. The roads around here are not flat or straight, and a short 3 mile float can have a shuttle distance that is double that so the bike option or walking option can really cut into your day not to mention leaving you exhausted. Not a good plan. Actually, a really bad one if you ask us.

Now you are probably realizing what a valuable service we provide and how buying a “Shuttle” can save you time, energy and most importantly peace of mind! Gold Coast Shuttles will relocate your vehicle or vehicles to your take-out while you enjoy your float down the Trinity River.

This is how we do it!

  1. You decide on the shuttle put-in and take-out spot and give us a call (the night before if possible – we accept calls from 6:30AM up until 9PM). WE NO LONGER ARE ACCEPTING ONLINE RESERVATIONS via PAYPAL.  Please have the desired shuttle information and the approximate time your vehicle will be ready for us to pick up when you call.
  2. We take your shuttle details with us when we go to pick up your vehicle at your selected put-in.
  3. Your vehicle is waiting for you at your take-out.

Let us explain a little more…

Assuming you have already picked out a date to put-in and take-out, you call Gold Coast Shuttles and finalize arrangements for us to shuttle your vehicle for you. You may need to leave a message (speak slowly and repeat name & phone number twice). Cell service is spotty up here in the mountains so repeating information is an asset and sometimes a necessity! We will call you back to confirm.  It helps if you already know what section of the Trinity you are floating. If you are unsure, then give us a call or send us a message. Just visit our contact page. For those who are familiar with a float or section of the Trinity river,  just search the name of your put-in or take-out and find your preferred float combination. Click on your selected Shuttle image, see example below. Upon clicking the shuttle/product image, you will be directed to a new page where you can review all the shuttle details and cost. When we talk to you, you will need to provide the description of your vehicle, license plate info, where you will leave your keys and how you want us to handle the shuttle. We accept cash and personal checks.

Evans ar To Sky Ranch

Shuttle/Product example.

You might be wondering about your vehicle keys and how we get them. Right?  When we talk to you, you will pick a pre-defined hiding spot on your vehicle/trailer that allows us to find your keys when we come to shuttle your vehicle. Some clients like to use a Hide-A-Key.  Others will bring a spare set of keys and then we will lock the set that you leave for us back in the vehicle. You choose what hiding location works for you, and we will find them/your keys. All the shuttle details are noted so we can execute the process flawlessly. We know what make and model your car is, color, license plate, dates, where to look for it.

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Let us know if you have any questions. Okay? Call us or send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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