old bridge to bucktail trinity river

Old Bridge River Access-Bucktail River Access – Vehicle Shuttle


Gold Coast Shuttles will shuttle your vehicle from the Old Bridge River Access to Bucktail River Access. Enjoy your time on the river and let us save you valuable fishing time by doing the work of relocating your vehicle to your take out location.

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Old Bridge River Access-Bucktail River Access

Gold Coast Shuttles will relocate your described vehicle to the Bucktail River Access before your specified take out time. Please be sure to have your vehicle ready to shuttle at your selected launch time. Failure to do so could mean your vehicle will be shuttled at a later time.

We advise the use an AJS Hide-A-Key magnetic key holder. You can find these at your local automotive store or hardware store.

This item is for shuttle service only. You can book a complete guided package through one of our featured guides.

• We accept Cash or checks upon delivery. Credit Card via online purchase.
• Shuttle Price Range: $35.00 ~ $50.00 depending on distance/time.


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